As physical activity effect on sleep

Who happens to earn home late, knows what awaits in the morning. After the alarm clock so I want to lie! As a result, to come to work on time, it will be very quick to assemble. The morning will begin with coffee. During the day coffee will be much to overcome sleepy state.

This situation is familiar to many. The duration of a night’s rest has been reduced because there is a lot of interesting reasons to spend leisure time. TV, computer and other activities take up precious time. Some workaholics to stay at work to ensure a rapid career growth.

A common recommendation to reduce the sleep deficit – Council “sleep more” (“hurry”). And if you go early, but it still wasn’t filled?

Than harmful sleep disorders

The required number of good rest to health. Also, as support for the body’s use of vitamins and exercise. If for various reasons lacking, the body becomes more susceptible to infections and diseases. Because his strength is not restored!

The workaholics who do not wish to spend the evening hours at work, it is useful to know that if you regularly enough sleep, the productivity of intellectual and physical labor is reduced almost by a third.

It has long been observed that sleep on it. And for finding a solution in the morning consumes considerably less effort than in the evening.

In the chronic lack of rest at night increases the content of sugar in the blood, which can lead to diabetes.

Benefits of physical activity before bedtime

Employee intellectual work in the case of insomnia should be true to determine its cause. And if this is a simple consequence of stress or fatigue, one way to make a strong sleep is to perform physical training exercises. Regular physical exercise allow you to switch the brain. In addition, the fatigue caused by the execution of a sports complex, will be more likely to fall asleep.

The main thing is not to overdo it. If you do everything correctly, the quality of rest will noticeably improve mood and health, strengthen the muscles.

To improve sleep physical activity can be done in half an hour two or three times a week.

To do better in the usual time. Someone better to do this morning. Another more suitable venue the evening before dinner. If possible, it is useful to do during the day.

Exercise has no effect if executed just before falling asleep. Before “lights out” must remain at least 2 hours.

It is not necessary to visit the gym for weightlifting. Quite half an hour a day to ride a bike or aerobics.

If not to overwork, sleep after exercise will come much faster, but its duration will increase by approximately an hour.

Physical activity reduces stress. The blood supply to the brain is normalized, which encourages getting a much better intellectual results. The muscles get the necessary movement of the heart and lungs work more intensively.

Moderate physical training causes the production of endorphins – happiness hormones. As a result more often visits a good mood, and symptoms of pain are reduced.

Simple physical exercises cause the production of epinephrine – hormone “admiration”. The brain does not have long to “persuade” go to sleep, he will want as quickly as possible to process the effects of the load on the muscles.


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