Chinese gymnastics tai Chi Chuan

Chinese gymnastics tai Chi Chuan (tai Chi)

In recent years, the ancient technique of Taijiquan, also known as tai Chi or tai Chi has gained immense fame and popularity. This happened due to the fact that this Chinese doctrine of the harmony of man and nature is very versatile. It includes meditative techniques that promote relaxation of the body; therapeutic exercises that enable a person to achieve a high degree of coordination and healing the body. If we talk about tai Chi as a

way of self-defense and martial arts – this technique literally has no boundaries. Don’t forget that tai Chi and system of improving the self-consciousness.

In ancient treatises mentioned that tai Chi helps to reconnect our mind to our body, improving the spirit and provides an opportunity for personal growth. Fighters, studying the combat capabilities of tai Chi was successfully resisted the followers of other martial arts. In the modern world tai Chi is used not only as a martial art – the doctors say that using exercise, tai Chi, gymnastics, people can improve the cardiovascular system. to reduce blood pressure and improve the functioning of the respiratory system.

This gymnastics was invented by Taoist monks, even in the nineteenth Millennium, at least, so says the ancient legends. They believed that in this gymnastics harmoniously merge two cosmic energies – Yin and Yang. Therefore, the exercises in tai Chi is aimed at the physical improvement of the body and meditation. that control our consciousness. Exercises are carried out very smoothly, physical exercise combined with peace of mind and relaxation that acts positively on our muscles and nervous system.

One of the principles of tai Chi is that of soft plastics and the real power is born. Chinese sages understood that not every person can sustain peak physical performance for the possession of the skills to protect themselves and regain their health. Meditation motion plus here are two of the fundamental principle of this gymnastics that give us strength, health and harmony with the surrounding world. It’s no secret that almost all the Chinese gymnastics take your exercise from martial arts. And before the men assembled data movement in animals and birds, understand them and adapt to their needs.

The exercises of tai Chi is necessary at a slow pace. So the body quickly remembers all the details of the performed exercises. Movements become familiar to our body. With smooth motions the person tries to accumulate vital energy, and meditation directs its course in the right direction.

The smooth movements of tai Chi makes it indispensable for the rehabilitation of people injured. Gentle exercises allow your muscles and ligaments become flexible and strong. They release excessive pressure off the spine, improve coordination. Skeptics doubting the capabilities of ancient gymnastics, can refer to the official medical studies that confirm the beneficial effect of such exercise for all categories of people. Known studies that confirm the usefulness of tai Chi for people suffering from hypertension, arthritis and even depression .

Useful for such exercises, and to prevent bone fractures and muscle injuries in people of middle and older age. To strengthen the joints and prevent osteoporosis. In the end, in our age of stress and a sedentary lifestyle the majority of the population of any physical exercise contribute to good health and a General feeling of cheerfulness from an active lifestyle.

If to gymnastics starts people with poor health – he should get advice from a specialist. Any physical exertion for such a person must be metered and determined their correct combination. You should start with simple exercises. compound exercises can harm the weak, running health.

Another important condition of success is the duration of training. People should not drop classes after the first results. Work must continue as long as possible. The minimum period to improve the condition of physical health, according to experts – not less than six months.

You can engage in not only indoor sports hall, Chinese experts recommend and outdoor activities, where the fusion with nature is faster. Clothes to practice tai Chi should choose loose-fitting. Best if it is made of natural fabrics. Classes are recommended barefoot. Closed room should be very well ventilated.

Difficult to make a choice in favor of one or another of gymnastics without trying it on “taste”. Here are a couple of simple exercises that give some idea about tai Chi:

A waterfall of freshness – the exercise is done in the position of the feet shoulder width apart, with legs slightly bent at the knees, and relaxed hands stretched along the body. Very gently and slowly tilt the head, shoulders, torso forward and down. Remember, as flowing streams of water in a waterfall, slowly and smoothly. Do not strain your muscles. Reach the maximum point of the slope, and slowly return to the starting position. To perform the exercise as comfortable as possible. This exercise allows you to relax after a hard day.

Circles on the water – from the original source position put the hands on the abdomen and lower back. Begin to rotate your pelvis, slowly and gently, first do three circular movements, then oscillating forward and backward, then side to side. After three oscillations, the exercise is repeated. Imagine, how water diverge circles. Graceful and calm. Try to imagine yourself in the centre of the nascent circle on the water.

Exercises in tai Chi are many and you can easily choose for themselves the most harmonious. Gymnastics without violence on his body gives unusual vivacity, freshness and lust for life .


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