First time to yoga

Small guide for those who want to do yoga, but does not know how to begin. In this article we will explain what to expect from a yoga class, how to dress and what not to do before class.

Many people are afraid to go to yoga because of a lack of flexibility or lack of physical fitness. But, to do yoga need not be flexible or agile, yoga can deal with each. Yoga will make you more aware and will allow you to feel more control over her own body and consciousness, and execution of complex poses and flexibility – rather, it is an additional effect, but not an end in itself. So, visiting a yoga center, where to start?

Remove all doubt! Yoga classes for beginners, no one will expect you to sit in Lotus or make it to the stop in the slope — here everything is just beginning. It is unlikely that someone on a nearby rug will perform difficult asanas from magazines or videos. These people to classes for beginners, do not walk, they lead them. And their job as yoga teachers is to provide you basic knowledge and to ensure the safety of your practice. Here you are not waiting for anything except the initial level.

Fear of the unknown often prevents us from trying something new. Unlikely to a yoga class will be something, than you will not be able to cope. Most likely, you will be surrounded by the same as you, people who came to classes in the first or in one of the first times. They, like you, want to be healthy and happy.

So, first time to yoga. Here are some tips that may be useful:

The first time it is better to come a little early, 15 minutes before the start of classes. Let yoga center that you have first — ‘ll show you the space, talk about where is the dressing room, hall, toilet. In addition, for first-timers often share: for example, the first lesson free or discounted.

Go to the locker room and dress in comfortable clothes. Well, if your t-shirt will not be too wide, otherwise when performing inverted poses she can bully. Zippers, buckles, pockets, rough seams, all of this will interfere. Yoga clothing should not restrict movement, absorbs moisture: if the practice is intense enough, and have to sweat. If you usually sweat a lot in training, then you can bring a small towel. To do better without the socks: on your feet a lot of sensitive points and foot are actively involved in the practice. If the same thing happens in the winter and my legs are really cold, you can wear leg warmers.

Yoga centers usually provide yoga mats. but those who are engaged for a long time, usually have their own Mat for hygiene reasons. If you do not have got with your rug, you should not worry about it.

If you have any serious illness, please inform the teacher before class. The teacher should be aware of the relevant contraindications: it will ensure the safety of your practice. Before coming to class, you should also consult with your doctor.

I do yoga on an empty stomach. Better if after three hours after a major meal or two hours after a light snack. Yoga after lunch can be very uncomfortable, moreover, it can cause cramping, nausea and lead to serious health problems.

It is not recommended to drink water directly before class, during class and after. If still you feel a strong need for fluid, drink a small SIP. You should not drink water in large chunks, because this increases the load on the heart.

Please refrain from using perfumes, deodorants with a vivid smells. Many people are sensitive to smells, and you have all together deep breathing in a confined space.

Going to yoga class, lay your Mat, sit in a comfortable position and wait for the start. You can lie down on your back with your eyes closed: it helps to relax and tune in to the practice. If the room is large, it is better to take a seat closer to the teacher, because you at yoga for the first time, there is so much new to see and hear! If the bag you bring, make sure the phone is on silent mode. Calls and even vibration can disrupt concentration and distract from the practice, first of all, directly from their owners.

All that will happen next depends on what yoga you came. The lesson may begin with the singing of the mantra OM – in this case, just sing along with everyone. During the lesson the teacher will give you the sequence of postures, yoga asanas, which you will perform together with a special way of breathing. It is the synchronization of asanas and breathing distinguishes yoga from drugih training. If you are unable to breathe exactly as the teacher says, at least try to breathe smoothly through your nose. You must succeed at the following lessons, it’s not all out the first time.

Usually the last pose in class is Savasana. You will be asked to lie on your back and relax for fifteen minutes. Although it may seem that you just do nothing, Savasana is a very important asana. She needed to stabilisierung breathing and heart rhythm. While you are lying in Savasana, your body is filled with prana – the energy that has been accumulated by you during the practice of yoga. Savasana will help you regain strength, calm the mind and bring a sense of tranquillity. Try during Shavasana not to sleep, to listen carefully to the instructor and follow them. If you fell asleep, do not worry, it happens to many, especially in the initial stages of practice.

If you have any questions, save them for the end of classes. If you experience pain or dizziness, stop by and let us know about their feelings to the teacher.

Hopefully this small guide will help you to discover the practice of yoga – the wonderful world of self discovery, self improvement, health and happiness. As they say, in the practice of Hatha yoga is the most difficult thing is to roll out the Mat, i.e., to begin, as in any business. Good luck in your practice and in all endeavors, friends! And may all your undertakings will be practice. Om!


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First time to yoga
Small guide for those who want to do yoga, but does not know how to begin. In this article we will explain what to expect from a yoga class, how…


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