How to choose a trainer

Today, the market’s various models of trainers often find it difficult to decide which one suits you best. All weights are divided into three categories.

— The first one is home. In their manufacture is more emphasis on multifunctionality. And since the devices are designed for home, we also considered that they should be small, because few of us have a publish gym. Home equipment are usually provided with plates for loads that weigh more than 100 pounds. They also usually have hydraulic expanders, which

are often made of rubber. Handles and stops also consist of soft materials that distinguishes the home from a professional.

— The second category includes strength training fitness class. As the name implies, they are most frequently installed in gyms and fitness centers. Machines of this class are larger, consequently, the weight than exercise equipment for the home. If there are no such devices soft handles and stops, there are additional features such as noise reduction, shock absorption and just a few differences. Training fitness class made an order of magnitude better than homemade. So is the price, the device of the second category are more expensive. But it’s worth it, because the fitness-class are often multifunctional.

— The third category includes professional strength training. Unlike the previous, they are not multifunctional, since it is often designed for training certain muscles. The main differences from other categories of strength training is that they are very durable, quiet, and designed for very high loads. On such machines mostly do the athletes and professional athletes. Are professional trainers in larger rooms, as they are not only large, but also impressive weight.

Also the weights are divided into two types regarding the principle of their action:

1. with built-in scales

2. with free weights

Simulators with built-in scales are characterized by their versatility. Now manufacturers are using thoughtful designs combine several machines in one frame, allowing you to dispense different muscle groups in one and the same simulator, called multiscale. This is a good option for those who want to keep yourself in good physical shape. But for those who are more ambitious in its goals, and wishes to progress in the volume of muscle mass, and continuously improve its appearance, need to work with free weights.

— Strength training with free weights — pancakes, vultures and dumbbells — are not only faster to build muscle, but also improve coordination. Strength training with free weights is divided by the design load of the weight disks, and to work with barbells and dumbbells. When choosing machines for working with free weights you should first pay attention to the reliability of the design and the maximum weight that can withstand the barbell racks. We should not forget also about the width between the uprights and opportunities without the aid of special devices to regulate their height.


Many believe that the best way to get rid of excess weight is cardio. I want to remind you that the most effective method is a complex of three components: strength training, diet, and cardio. On one bike away from fat not “leave”. But still, if you decide to purchase a cardio machine for home, the next paragraph is for you.

— Bike

This is essentially the same bike, but firmly fixed. The bike is magnetic, belt and Shoe. In the belt simulator, the load on the legs depends on the strength of stiffness of the belt that spins the wheel is a flywheel. The Shoe exercise bikes create resistance brake pads, pressed to the flywheel. You can adjust the degree of compression and tension of the belt. Electricity these machines is not necessary. Plug in need magnetic exercise bike — it’s exactly the electromagnets control the operation of the flywheel. There are bikes for advanced cyclists — spin bikes, as well as for those who have varicose veins and a weak spine — horizontal exercise bikes. Riding a bike strengthens the muscles of the legs and buttocks.

The advantages of exercise bikes:

• This is the safest trainer for people with problems of the knees, spine, and weight loss,

• Advanced models can consider speed, time and pulse. Individual instances are ready-made programs for different fitness levels and different goals.

Cons of the bikes:

• The impossibility of folding and sadhane for the Cabinet.

• Pads and the belt will quickly wear out and periodically need to be changed.

• Belt exerciser are less reliable, because the belt can suddenly burst. Pads such surprises are not presented.

• Shoe and belt trainers are of high smoothness and can seem uncomfortable.

– Track

Treadmill is convenient because it allows you to do perhaps the most natural kinds of fitness: walking and Jogging. These tracks are electrical and mechanical. Mechanical are the most simple, as acquired from the feet: you need to take a step, after which the cloth leaves. Another thing – electric track. They already need a power supply, but the canvas is able to move easier or harder depending on the selected load. The load is controlled by the angle of inclination of the track and speed. For simple models this is set manually, but on a more advanced there is a sewn-training program (downhill, on plain or uneven terrain). Running and walking on treadmill effective for the leg muscles, and also (but to a lesser extent) for the muscles of the shoulder girdle and back.

Pros of the treadmill:

• For mechanical tracks do not need electricity.

• And the electrical and mechanical paths are foldable.

• One of the most natural and effective workouts.

• The possibility of combining the two types of activity: walking and running.

• The possibility of developing deep muscles of the body responsible for coordination and balance.

Cons of the treadmill:

• Mechanical track is not very comfortable for running

• The most comfortable electric track takes up too much space.

• Running is not too safe to exercise. If you have a large weight, have varicose veins, back problems or knee, it is best to do the walk.

–Elliptical trainer

Cross-trainer, it is the same ellipsoid. During exercise both legs are on floating platforms, and hands holding the levers. Iterates through hands and feet, during which each foot moves not only up and down, as on the stepper, and describes an oval. Can be of two types. In the first type, the arm is connected to the pedals to simultaneously engage and shoulders, and legs. In the second type of simulators handrails are not affiliated with pedals that gives you the opportunity to work out individual muscle groups. The degree of stress in this case, as a rule, is regulated. There is also the possibility to count the pulse, time, calories burned and engage built by the program.

The unit allows you to train mostly legs, back and shoulders. The trainer weighs around 100 kg and requires at least 2 square meters.

Advantages of elliptical trainers:

• Gentle and effective training: doesn’t stress the knees (very important for joints, veins, muscles), no shock loads on the spine

• Allows you to train harder, than when walking.

• Levers provide an opportunity to work out your chest muscles, shoulders, arms and back

Cons of elliptical trainers:

• Trainer on wheels can greatly crawl during exercise.

• It is believed that the heavier the flywheel, the more effective can be a workout. However, the lightweight frame and massive flywheel incompatible. In the end, good too ellipsoid Jumbo and heavy.

• There are folding models, but even they are regularly quite difficult to remove.

While selecting any Shoe or sports equipment don’t hesitate to pre-test it. If the trainer is high quality, it feels right: all the movements are smooth, with a clear amplitude. Good power simulator also should not vibrate or swing. Some models stops repeat body shape (the outline of the forearms, waist, etc.). The material from which made the equipment, shall not give off any odors, and in the process use to sciatica or crack.

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