How to exercise on the elliptical treasure

An elliptical trainer is very popular, because it allows you to lose weight quickly, improves coordination, strengthens the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, as well as the whole body.

To start exercising on the elliptical trainer, you should be confident in their health. In any case, you can’t train in cardio – vascular disease, tachycardia and angina, cancer, thrombosis and diabetes. In infectious diseases should also desist from training.

Before training

Lessons on the simulator you need to start 2 hours after meals and after exercise can not eat for 1 hour. A morning workout is recommended to start after a few hours of sleep. If you train in the evening, then classes should complete it in 2 hours before bedtime. Clothes for workouts you need to choose a light and sporty. Try to dress according to a minimum so as not to cause a lot of sweating.

To prepare the body for intense work, classes should start with a warm-up. In the warm-up you have to use those muscles that will be subjected to the highest load. Exercises can be done very simple, such as tilts and squats. It is also desirable to stretch the shoulder belt and knee joints, and of course do not forget about stretching.

During exercise

The session on the elliptical trainer is built on the principle of cross – training. You must be on the pedals, take hold of the handle and start walking. This is where you start to pedal on the ellipse that will protect the load from your ankle and knee joint. During workouts on the elliptical trainer you can use either the movable rails or stationary.

Main exercise – synchronized movement of hands and feet forward. Try to keep the body upright and the head does not move down.

You can easily master the motion ago . In this case, the greatest burden falls on glute and hamstring. When you perform a reverse bend more at the knees.

Training of the thigh muscles and calf muscles can You give the load mostly on the thighs and calf muscles if you workout tilt the body forward.

Training the gluteal muscles and stretching the hamstrings For maximum load on the muscles of the buttocks lean back and take a position close to the sitting position.

Don’t forget the load control!

To determine your level of intensity of load, it is necessary to measure heart rate during exercise. If you are a beginner, then your maximum heart rate should be no higher than 120 beats per minute. To get the value of your “pulse load”, measure it 10 minutes after you start exercising. This value should be 60-70% of the maximum of the return pulse And the return pulse is calculated as (220 – age).

Training should be somewhere in 30 minutes without interruption, preferably several times a week. Don’t forget that regular exercise is the key desired result.

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