Lose weight bored with! Zumba fitness lose weight on the positive!

«five lifts, four, three, two, one…” – counts persistently coach the number of repetitions performed by a group exercise. Who among us has not looked at the clock during a workout, with Intrusive thoughts about an early end? Yes, we already came to the conclusion that sports are necessary in order to stay healthy and slim. But, unfortunately, not always physical exercise easy and not always enough motivation not to throw the go to sports club halfway to the goal. Sometimes, even the use of a variety of sports gadgets, collective spirit, the ability to communicate with peers by a healthy lifestyle change of plans and training, do not give incentive to constantly stay physically active person. And all because the sport – it’s not easy, it’s a lot

of willpower. If the latter is lacking, then you should definitely try Zumba fitness! However, with this relatively new in the field of sport should be consulted in any case.

Zumba fitness is dancing to Latin and Cuban rhythms. The main motto of Zumba fitness – “Throw the workout-join the party!”. And, actually, the standard hour in duration sports activities, reminiscent of a theme party at the club. Only you dance not intuitive, and under the guidance of an experienced coach. The rhythms are simple and typical movements of the cha-cha-cha is replaced by the combination of Mambo, then salsa, followed by bachata, cumbia, reggaeton, Calypso, African, bollywood, merengue, Samba, etc. In dance you are completely dissolved in the warm wave of positive, liberated, being encouraged by the coach, don’t feel the time and, to a certain point, do not feel tired. Meanwhile, you are actively moving, you’re quickly becoming wet with sweat, the muscles are working too hard, you burn calories and, of course, lose weight.

Brand Zumba ® belongs to Latin American choreographer Beto Perez. A very curious story, which preceded the appearance of this becoming popular fitness trends. Once on a regular workout aerobic Beto Perez forgot to bring his traditional music CDs. But had records of salsa and Samba. And his group liked to train under these fiery rhythms that Mr. Perez had the idea of creating Zumba fitness, individual sports and dance direction. It happened in the late 80-ies of the last century. Literally 10 years, Zumba has become popular in the USA and then in Europe, Australia and Canada.

Today Zumba fitness conquers the sports clubs in our latitudes, attracting the attention of the adherents of a healthy and active lifestyle. And here’s why:

– it’s not boring, and sometimes more effective alternative to the exhausting and monotonous classical training;

– this training allows you to maintain your body in good shape, as are actively working the legs, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, shoulders and arms;

Zumba ® fitness in conjunction with a balanced diet helps to lose the extra pounds;

is an excellent cardio training, because during these classes had to move a lot and jump;

– this is a good opportunity to switch from the routine of everyday life and to plunge into the atmosphere of incendiary positive;

– this workout – is an effective means of emancipation, acquiring skills of controlling the body, raise self-esteem and sense of being sexy and flexible;

is improving his dancing skills then you will easily be able to apply on the dance floors and to be the center of attention;

Zumba fitness – this is also an opportunity to find new and interesting acquaintances, because to practice Zumba, usually written extraordinary people welcoming all new and loving to dance.

Lately, all these advantages Zumba workouts were appreciated by the visitors of the sports clubs. As a result, there are branches in Zumba fitness, Zumba pool for children and Zumba. To attract new customers, sports clubs often offer free trial lessons Zumba. Be sure to use them to see if you qualify for this fitness load.

And even Zumba – this is the original style, which combines elements of sports and club wardrobe. You probably will prefer such an integral Zumba accessories like bracelets for the hands. During the dance they catchy jingle, even more than cheer you up. In this dress you will feel incredibly free, sporty and relaxed.

If your city is not sports by Zumba fitness, but you will definitely want to do it, you can purchase the video lessons and practice at home.

If you want to lose weight on the positive, it means better Zumba!

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