The effect of exercise on the dynamics of the parameters of the functional state of the organism


Thesis structure: abstract, introduction, 4 chapters, conclusions and recommendations, bibliography, page 142 the main text, 70 figures, 2 tables, 5 of 7 formulas and application. The results are published in 21 scientific article.

Keywords: athletes swimmers, physical activity, anthropometry, Ergometer, swimming pool, physiological indicators, biochemical indicators, comprehensive testing of athletes swimmers, functional status, sports


Area of research: physiology of human and animals.

The purpose of the study is to provide comprehensive monitoring of functional state of organism of sportsmen swimmers on the basis of the proposed model algorithm, which includes anthropometric, physiological and biochemical research, with the aim of improving sports performance and optimization in sports.

Research objectives: 1. Generalization of theoretical aspects regarding the influence of swimming on the functional state of an organism of athletes swimmers; 2. The study of anthropometric parameters before and after physical activity; 3. Study of physiological parameters in athletes swimmers qualifications, with the aim of improving sporting performance; 4. The evaluation of biochemical parameters in athletes swimmers; 5. Recommendations some preventive physiological and biochemical norms in the process of training athletes swimmers, with the aim of preventing various pathologies.

Scientific novelty and originality. It was first developed and implemented model-algorithm of a comprehensive study of the functional state of an organism of athletes swimmers in the sports school in the city of Chisinau. For the first time there have been obtained the relationship between anthropometric, physiological and biochemical parameters as a result of comprehensive testing of the organism in athletes swimmers. Were established new principles for the implementation of sports training, guided by the results obtained after applying the model-algorithm integrated research. Identified and proposed some recommendations for swim coaches, due to the improvement of the training process and, therefore, enhance athletic performance.

Theoretical significance of the research. The results obtained as a result of a comprehensive study of the functional state of an organism of athletes swimmers, complement the basic knowledge about the functional features of the anthropometric, physiological and biochemical parameters. The obtained experimental data allow to determine some physiological and biochemical criteria, specific sport sample swimming, in conditions of physical load, and represent a multilateral assessment of the investigated parameters, in order to improve the functional state of organism of sportsmen-swimmers.

The practical significance of the research consists in the application of testing techniques, aiming at an integrated model is an algorithm developed by us, which includes an assessment of the anthropometric, physiological and biochemical parameters. After the monitoring, as a result of receipt of the clinical picture, coach and teacher of physical culture can revise and correct it is to manage the training process, with the aim of improving the skills of young athletes. After the conducted research can be found different deviations of the studied parameters.

Introduction of research results: the research Results were implemented in the training process of the specialized sports school swimming B. 11, Chekansky district and in sports swimming school of Economics 8, Chisinau’s region-Buiucani district, where studies have been conducted. Also, were introduced theoretical postulates and practical recommendations in the educational process specialized disciplines of the State University of Moldova. The conducted research are the coaches and physical education teachers to plan the teaching-learning process, as well as for monitoring their implementation in practice.


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