Fitness with podmiotom.

You minutes and can’t sit in one place, and that in years to perform the same exercises, cannot be and speeches? Don’t feel bad! Every year, the fitness guru coming up with something new. And even if you’re one of those who is usually a hundred excuses to wriggle out of the process and to observe all this, you will also find a job to their liking.

One hundred steps back

You didn’t like running, because below the shoulder-blade sucks, my knees

hurt? Try to run backwards and you will understand that running is not so tiring and boring. First, in order to burn maximum calories, running backwards not need with all the dope, and half-heartedly (no wonder here all on the contrary!). And not to lose count, remember: one hundred steps back is like a thousand steps forward.

In addition, in this scenario, the load on the joints is also reduced significantly, but strengthen muscles hamstring and back muscles, improves coordination and reaction speed. Here are just a run, try to keep a balance, because when running back the force of gravity also increases several times. Therefore, it is best to run a flat route length of 100-200 m and try to overcome it by walking. Happened? Try to move on to a run. By this distance — it is possible to retrain in distance runners.

Well, lovers of classic running costs from time to time to alternate running forward running backward, allowing, thus, the body to relax and a positive charge.

Fitness fact: the Positive effect of running backwards, one of the first noticed marathoner Carl Tumi, although 40 years ago, doctors unsuccessfully trumpeted about the benefits and effectiveness of these activities.

Men don’t belong here

Used to look down on the world? Then the torture 12-inch height will seem quaint by comparison. The course of the young fighter walking in high heels — a new word in fitness. His idea this time belongs to the legislators of high fashion — the Italians. It is in this country appeared first on class “stiletto”. The authors claim that six months of hard training with heels will make you almost “capstan goddess”! And you will be fun and relaxed pounding heels not only on the pavement, but in the gym. And a full aerobic exercise will strengthen the muscles of the legs and back and allow you to say goodbye to extra pounds.

Usually the classes are fun and with a twist: there is no exhausting of twists, squats and lunges. All you have to do is to keep the balance (and the smile on his face, of course!), performing, for example, elements of the famous dance the can-can.

Undeniable plus “stiletto” in the fact that training takes place exclusively in the company of women. Don’t need to worry about how you look from the side.

Fitness fact: Remember the proverb: the higher they climb the harder you fall? So it’s about stiletto”! And although the authors of this complex suggest that you train on the heels of 12 cm, beginners it makes sense to choose heels postitive, comfortable fit and durable straps.

Lose weight with height

People are not birds, but flying still learned. And not only so, but with the benefit of the body. However, waving his arms like birds, there is no need, it’s much easier!

Although referred to as a wind tunnel (namely in it and to fly) Holy simplicity would be sacrilege. But the process is nothing complicated in itself is not: you dressed in a special costume, down to the edge of the pipe I. released into free flight. The main thing to have time to cross his arms and hatchet to leap down. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt!

Experienced say they even like it. Because from the first second of flight the most powerful fans in the pipe dispersed air flow to high speed. Falling, you find yourself in the very epicenter of events — here it is a welcome feeling of weightlessness! By the way, which can feel virtually anyone can weigh over 120 kg. but when it’s all over (after all, all good things eventually coming to the final), you would notice changes in their mood and in shape.

Besides free flight great strengthens the walls of blood vessels. By the way, if you think hard flying, will easily drop into the tube a couple of dozen hateful kg, we hasten to drop you from the sky to earth: miracles do not happen. To lose weight, you will need a decent sweat. However, those who have experienced flying in the pipe, say that to lose a couple of pounds at a time — is quite real. Probably from fear. The first time is always scary.

Fitness fact: for a Long time hovering in the pipe for mere mortals were not fun. Only in 1982 the canadian skydiver Jean Saint-Germain patented wind tunnel that is used for bathing.

Your extreme choice

Want to fix the experimental result? Use the gifts of weather, which provides you the summer, and choose extreme entertainment. One parachute jump will take you about a kilogram of live weight! Not less fat burning will be released lessons on climbing or high-spirited horse races. Remember: physical activity in tandem with vivid emotions is always a guarantee of vitality, harmony and good mood!

In limbo

Even the most intricate asanas are given to you easily? Then it’s time to get off the ground and repeat everything in the air. Those who have already tried to hang upside down, holding a special cloth, squealing with delight at the variety of fitness forums and claim that doing yoga in limbo much easier and more entertaining (and the effect is not worse!). Yes, and blushing at her clumsiness is not necessary, because all the exercises on forces, we need only to remember what you did as a child on a swing.

It’s much easier and safer.

Fitness fact: fly-yoga has been so popular that immediately came to light her upgrade version. For example, aerial yoga, or just jukari. Saw the Cirque du Soleil gymnasts masterfully spinning in the air, holding only for hanging on ropes to the crossbar? All this in a simplified version and there is aerial yoga. Go for it!

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