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The step aerobics

In today’s world more and more people began to focus a significant portion of his time to the improvement of the body through sports. For many it has become an integral part of the image. Most women prefer different types of aerobics such as: water aerobics. cycle-aerobics, funk aerobics, slide aerobics, but one of the most popular types is the step aerobics.

Training for step aerobics are the most simple and most effective. Its name was given to this translation with the English word “step”, which means “step”. So let this “step” will be the first on the way to a

beautiful and athletic body shape.

The step aerobics appeared in the late twentieth century. and its founder is considered to be an American bodybuilding champion Gina Miller. She has developed a program of exercises that contribute to its recovery after a serious knee injury. Initially, her trainer steel stairs own porch. Dipping and rising on him, she noticed significant improvements in their health, plus her figure became harmony.

Soon the step aerobics gained popularity and was included in the fitness programs of most sports clubs in the world. At the present time to practice uses a special step platform. width about 50 cm, and the height depends on the level of physical training involved, and can range from 15 to 30 cm. the higher the altitude, the more intense training.

Step platform is used for lifting, lowering rhythmic music using a combination of classic elements of gymnastics and dance. An additional 12% of the load can be obtained by increasing the height of the platform, only a 5-cm When using weights (dumbbells, the weight of which should not exceed 2 kg), it is possible to give relief to the muscles of the shoulder girdle.

Through the use of simple movements, such as step aerobics is suitable for people of different age groups. Such training will harmoniously develop the body, you will find a beautiful waist, slender legs and toned thighs, while not pumped unnecessary muscle groups. According to research conducted by sports doctors, classes, step aerobics have a positive dynamics in the prevention and treatment of people suffering from arthritis and osteoporosis. Also train the heart muscle, improves coordination and flexibility of joints, strengthens the respiratory, muscular and nervous system, improves metabolism, burns up the layer of subcutaneous fat, and no psychological stress.

Standard practice for step aerobics lasts approximately 50 minutes. thus throughout this time burned about 400 calories. It is not recommended to attend classes to people who have cardiovascular disease, back problems (scoliosis, osteochondrosis), as well as those who suffer from asthma. When varicose veins before classes are required to wear opaque tights and eliminate jumping.

Rules of practice step aerobics:

– to be lifted onto the platform by the legs, your back should not work;

– go to the platform should be a full stop so that the heel does not hang;

– not to make quick and sudden movements;

– the back must be kept straight;

– not to make movements with the same hand or foot, the length of which more than one minute;

– to maintain the body water balance (to drink at least two glasses of water before exercise or during it.

Regular classes step aerobics, with all the rules, does not make you long to wait for the result.

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