Basic mistakes when exercising

12 most common mistakes beginners

Many girls, for the first time crossed the threshold of the gym, allow, as a rule, the same mistakes, which prevent them to train and productively to achieve the desired result. If you don’t want to waste your time and energy for nothing, read the most common misconceptions beginners.

The wrong idea about gyms and fitness clubs

At the initial stage of an experienced mentor is simply necessary. Let it be at least 5-10 starting induction training, during which the coach

elementary will teach you to do the exercises correctly, which in the future will protect you from minor injuries. A personal trainer will help you to find the optimal load and will adjust your personal training program.

Every person has a different level of athletic readiness, metabolism, and other characteristics of the organism. All this is taken into account when drawing up an individual program. What is perfect to one person may neither give absolutely no result another.

Therefore, the program should be compiled for a specific person, and it needs to be periodically updated (approximately every 3 months), because the body quickly adapts to physical stress.

Often women in their desire to look attractive can go a little overboard.

For example, many people use before training the perfume mixed with sweat, filled a room of the hall sustained an unpleasant odor.

The same applies to cosmetics, nesmytogo before training. But the latter, moreover, being absorbed into the skin, can also provoke allergic reactions. Also pay attention to the hair. If you have them long, you definitely need to braid them, so they didn’t cling to the simulators.

4. To lose more calories, I don’t eat before visiting the club

Before workouts, especially law enforcement, should not be excessively overeat and come with an acute sense of hunger. Hungry man after some hours of vigorous exercise can easily fall into a faint. So about an hour before workout a little meal.

Only, in a fasted state, you can give attention to cardio, and only in the morning of day.

5. Fitness ZIL and rigid diet — synonyms beautiful figure

If you decide to do fitness in order to lose weight, certain dietary restrictions you just need. But no strict diets and other bigotry.

For productive functioning of the body, it needs to provide all the necessary substances. Per day you should consume at least 1200 calories. Otherwise, the body will move in the “alarm” mode of operation and begin to hastily stash of nutrients required for life. Even if you will reduce the amount of food consumed to the minimum possible, the mass of individual body parts will still continue to increase.

The best way out of this situation is the power “waves”.

For example, once arrange a small celebration. That is, eat what you have denied himself the other six days. Also, do not change the diet drastically. If you are used to drinking tea with three spoons of sugar, skip first two, because one and then you can abandon it.

And remember that body fat female body must be at least 15 percent of the total weight. When fat layer is less than the minimum standards possible hormonal changes, instability menstrual cycles, and problems with reproductive function.

From here you will be able to learn more about crossfit workouts for beginners. which can be performed at home.

On the benefits of running in the morning and in the evening hours.

Basic mistakes when exercising

Absolutely the wrong approach. Muscle pain just means that you have a long time there were almost no physical exertion; it’s not a symptom of some disease or a sign that will soon become even worse. Muscle pain – nothing like habituation and adaptation to unusual or new for body condition. Only by continuing to do the exercises, you can get rid of unpleasant sensations.

This will never happen. As a result of running everything at once will only razbivsheesya body the next day and even the temperature increase that is especially true of people with poor health.

8. The more I use simulators, natrenirovan body will

Not at all. While their use is working only one muscle group, and also not in combination with other. Simulators are more suitable for bodybuilders and bodybuilders, not for those who just want to keep yourself and your body in shape.

Reduce the number of repetitions of the exercise, but do not abandon the practice even once, because what was once, to be repeated again. And besides, you need to keep yourself in a constant tone.

If you ever wondered how a Hoop to remove belly fat. learn all you need to do.

Common misconceptions about the gym

10. Hard work out in the spring of fitness to the summer look.

Alas, it never happens. If you first time in many years came to the gym, at the first stage you need, figuratively speaking, not repaired, and beauty:

to lose excess weight;

to increase strength;

to tone the muscles.

Of course, after several months of training will not pass unnoticed. But the achieved form should be regularly maintained and in the future, otherwise the eye will not blink of an eye will be back to where we started.

11. I started to do fitness, but practically do not lose weight while eating the same as before exercises

It is important not the amount of food you eat, and its composition. If you have started to do fitness, your diet should include foods containing carbohydrates, fats and proteins simultaneously.

All three can be used separately, but with maximum distinction.

Do not eat sausages, sausages, cakes, confectionery and bakery products. Alternative to make them boiled fish or meat, vegetables, fruit, cereal, etc. it Will be nice if you will be able to give up fried foods, at least during the intensive weight loss.

12. I am engaged in fitness, to remove belly fat, but because I will do only those exercises that affect this area

Do not confuse fitness with plastic surgery. Selectively to make slim and toned only one part of the body, ignoring the rest, no way.

A very common mistake of wanting to remove belly fat is that they begin to exhaustion to do abdominal exercises forgetting about the muscles of the back. Press then, of course, to build, but the lower back will remain weak and undeveloped, which can lead to such tragic consequences as the displacement of the vertebrae, sciatica or a pinched nerve.

Strength training really give visible results, but it is aerobics “takes” the maximum amount of calories. It is also very important not to forget the stretching, which prevents muscle pain.

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