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A marathon is 26 miles 385 yards!

The marathon brings the runner deepest satisfaction and joy. Finishing, I always feel the excitement, not only from the fact that I, perhaps, had his best result, but from what has come true my intentions and I was on the track until the end.

My first marathon, which I ran at the age of 18 years (Boston, 1970), will forever remain in my memory. Then my goal was to participate in the race and go the distance at least to the center Prodehl. After the start I felt well prepared and able to overcome all the distance to the finish line. But, despite the confidence still felt restless curiosity.

The beginning, as I thought, was very easy, but time dragged slowly. After the Heartbreak hill behind us, I felt the need to run faster because the last 5 miles of road is a fairly steep descent. And then I had a “barrier” — the danger that lies in wait for any marathon runner. From that moment begins a marathon, it is in these moments feel almost mystical quest to the finish. Today I am unable to recall those last 5 miles. I remember that he was tired physically and mentally, because constantly customized. But for some reason I had the confidence that I will survive, despite all the difficulties — and I survived.

I ran a marathon in 2 hours 37 minutes and 36 seconds. — this result was worth all of the effort spent during preparation for a competition. I was extremely tired and at the same time felt excited because I was able to come to the finish of the sixty-third. This first experience helped me later to rise to a higher level of understanding of the opportunities and challenges of the marathon.

None of the subsequent races has not been similar to the first. 26 miles that have to be overcome, leave in memory unique impression. I happened 29 times to test yourself in the marathon. All races were similar in each of them I crossed the finish line, but each was unique, as the conditions of running, shows the time, feelings and thoughts were different.

Why you became interested in marathon running? This question is often asked as participants, and those who are running for health purposes. It is difficult to answer. It is easiest to say: “Because the marathon brings joy and pleasure.” In most cases it will be the truthful answer. Usually a beginner is considering running as a means of achieving physical perfection. He or she may not even think of later to participate in the competition, and especially in marathons. But sooner or later the fan running will feel tempted to take the challenge and test yourself in the running for 26 miles. So it was with me. I started running at the age of seventeen, but soon discovered that running for the fun of it no longer satisfies me. Want more. I had a desire to run long distances and constantly improve your score. After some time, the marathon has become my main form of running, which I always felt the need.

Looks like a marathon runner in the eyes of other people? Are we representatives of the breed, so to speak, “working horses”, which finds pleasure in the sometimes painful twists and turns of marathon running? Maybe we are self-centered fanatics, for which 26 miles 385 yards — the path towards glory? Or do we ordinary people striving for a higher level of physical development and personal success in the Supreme test of human capabilities?

If you are more inclined to the latter of these definitions, this book will benefit you. It is designed for runners who feel ready to take part in the marathon. Note that the physical and psychological preparation for a marathon is important. The book talks about training methods. Acquainted with them, the runner can determine whether he was preparing for a marathon, and choose the most suitable method.

Out of every 10 participants in the marathon run 7, with the only purpose to go the full distance to the end. The authors emphasize that a well-structured, thought-out training first marathon would be good for a beginner, keenly aware of its purpose.

Chapter 4 presents an analysis of the impact of marathon running and training sessions on the human body, describes the adaptation of the organism to physical activity. A more successful process of adaptation contribute to such methods of training, which are aimed at developing and strengthening the cardiovascular system of man. The knowledge of regularities of manifestation of psychological stress arising from increased physical intensity of marathon running, is also of great importance. The winners in the physical and psychological struggle during the marathon are those who are confident in its success.

In Chapter 7, is devoted to competitions in marathon, the authors examine all aspects of preparation on the day of the decisive test, since waking up to pre-race warm-up and the selection of sportswear. We must not forget about any “little things” that in the marathon are of great importance. The athlete must foresee everything in advance.

Of course, the same for all athletes of the method of training does not exist. Many distance runners experience their system of practice. They hit the road with the determination to achieve the intended purpose, exposing themselves to the next test marathon.

Tom Fleming

(the record holder best score — 2:12.05)


Once books on the run was a dry exposition of the theory and could be of interest only to specialists in the field of physical education. Now it is spoken and about the psychological factors on health, physical perfection. No wonder thousands of newly minted runners immediately take aim at “the Supreme challenge” — part in the marathon. Under the influence of the media promoting this fashionable sport, thousands of poorly trained runners try to run 26 miles 385 yards without thinking about possible consequences. Two mass marathon in 1977 — mayor Daley in Chicago and new York — were a record number of participants who fail to finish. Instead of the expected 15-20% in the race mayor Daley did not finish 60% of all participating in it.

The purpose of this book is to prepare the athlete to the first successful performance, to teach to minimize the unpleasant moments and enjoy running.

We (this is John Graham and I — Skip brown) decided to write a book together because I felt that our views and accumulated practical information complement each other. We realized that together we will be able to help more runners than each of us individually.

I am 29 years old, to the beginning of work on a book I was involved in 19 marathon races with results close to 2:24.24. At competitions I usually run in the forefront of participants, and training with a focus on running speed. Always aim to show a good time and take one of the first places among finishing.

John Graham 45 years. By the beginning of the book he took part in 30 marathons. The results are close to 2:43.34. For the first time at the age of 19. Currently continues to improve their skills. At competitions, he solves a few other problems. Of course, it also has the value of occupied space, but, in addition, he believes that it is important to be able to run on a dirt surface (when possible). In his training plays a special role in the upbringing of endurance.

Based on its rich experience, we can talk about the problems of running a language accessible to a novice marathoner. To date we have not had to find their names in the “NF” (not finished), although a couple of times we were close to it and have learned many valuable of these lessons.

In the book we give some advice of a medical nature, which I hope will be useful for the reader. However, you can seek the advice of a doctor specializing in running and health, if you have any doubts. Should not take our advice for the absolute truth.

We both firmly believe that “lone Stayer” has much to lose, while the party’s mass race only wins, because it’s not running one.

Thanks to conscious goals, the perseverance, training for a marathon will not seem an endless hours of solitude. She will bring joy and pleasure, the sense of satisfaction derived from hard, but pleasant work. The marathon will be the culmination of your efforts, and acquired skills and knowledge will lead you to a happy finish.

Joy and pleasure from successfully completed the marathon could not be better conveyed in poem written by a young athlete Cheryl Dorko:

Yes, now I have a marathon legs!

The wind whistles, when rushing on the road.

The first to come — is not the reward

Defeated miles are the most difficult roads

For someone who ran through the torrents of rain or hail,

Who has borne the heat and the Blizzard, but was able to survive!

Day after day passes by a succession of injuries, injury.

“He’s crazy mad!” — this court Everyman eternal.

The wind whistles, when rushing on the road,

We Express our gratitude to our wives. While both of them are also into running, it was not always just patiently endure our obsession. They gave us a lot of useful critical advice that helped to improve the quality of our manuals. We are deeply grateful for the support provided in moments when we were not as good as we wanted.

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