Pedalera this Cycling vs fat


Both, no doubt useful, but Сycle – this is a special system of exercises that combines change diverse workloads – a measured pace, accelerated, and in some variations – dance elements. This combination is the most effective for achieving good physical shape. Plus, during this training achieved triple effect: strengthening the cardiovascular system,

training the muscles and endurance. Classes are accompanied by a rhythmic contemporary music – you will not get bored.

NC. I heard about almost magical “slimming” the effect of Сycle. Is it really that simple?

Cycling really is the “gyrosigma” training existing. After only one session is lost from 500 to 1000 Calories, depending on intensity. During the class goes crazy water loss and fat burning, but if, coming home, seizing this loss cake cakes and, of course, the result will be reduced to nothing. Doing Cycle regularly, really no need for a strict diet – it helps to balance the power.

In order to achieve the best results, 2 hours before workout is better not to eat carbohydrates. If you eat fish, lean meat, vegetables, the result will be much more tangible.

NC. How quickly will I notice the results?

After a month of regular classes — about 3 times a week — the result is truly impressive. It is important not to overdo it with the load, 2-3 sessions per week is more than enough to get in good shape. Otherwise, the body will be exhausted and overtired, that will affect the quality of the exercises. Variable load helps to get rid of cellulite and “pull” of the problem areas.

NC. And muscles deflated such as athletes, right?

No, you shouldn’t be afraid of it. These muscles originate from the special classes, designed mainly for men. They usually have a special index in the schedules of all the clubs. The girls at first, lose body fat, due to which the amounts become smaller.

NC. Who is contraindicated Cycle classes?

One cannot engage those who have serious back problems and heart, because this level of load may cause worsening of the condition. Also it is not recommended to visit veloces people with pain in my knees.

Personal experience

My personal experience: Сycle, indeed, cannot be called a lesson for the lazy, and “fake” in the process will not work. Contrary to my expectations, intense exercise is not only on the feet is involved and the entire upper part of the body. After the training all the muscles, until the front is a pleasant warmth, which is difficult to achieve with other loads. I like it, but immediately after Cycle, due to the loss of body fluids, easily passed about a kilogram, and for the following days, he never returned. And I think, for those who are forced to lead a sedentary lifestyle, velouria is the best way to lose weight and bring their forms in order.

The only drawback, perhaps, is that the Cycle in Kiev, at the moment, available only with the purchase of the club cards of clubs. However, bearing spring discounts and opportunities to find a convenient time. There are perfectly acceptable options.

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