The recovery time of muscles after a workout

The recovery time of muscles – the number of hours required for the muscles to fully recover after they meet the limiting physical activity.

Muscle recovery after workout – a process of serious and much more important than the actual training!

Any program bodybuilding involves conducting classes in the training days with some frequency. There are all sorts of training schemes in this respect: someone swinging 7 days a week, someone 6 days and one day of

rest. These schemes are hardly suitable even for experienced bodybuilders, and professional bodybuilders do not favor such attention scheme Kacha. The most common are schemes in which the frequency of workouts per week reaches 2-4 times. Twice a week, 3 times a week (one a day – training, a day – holidays. Saturday, Sunday is also the day of the restoration).

Everyone selects the mode of the training process.

But how to choose to fit their physical abilities, anthropometric data, the psycho character, lifestyle and daily routine optimal frequency of training, how to determine the recovery time of muscles after exercise.

Determining the time necessary for the muscles to recover and overreduction

We now we will not argue the question of rapid muscle recovery after exercise. Now find out your own time muscle recovery.

The optimal frequency of exercise – this is primarily the best frequency of training is for you. It is important to understand that the ratio of the number of training days (working days) to the number of rest days (recovery days) in this case, it may work for you successfully and allow to have more muscle, while another athlete may be totally unfit. In this question it is important to get an answer about the number of days required for the muscles to recover after exercise.

When it is in front of me also got a similar question the best frequency of training. I experimentally tried various options and slowly groped his individual mode. It took about six months. I’m in no hurry and not less than one month dabbled in one particular scheme. A month you can get a fit if this system is the training for you, or not. Less than a month is not necessary to examine the scheme.

In this way, you can determine its frequency of training.

BUT there is another clever way much faster and allows you to get an answer. As I used it and what to do about it?

Well I did just what closely followed by their physical sensations. For example today I plan on training the chest muscles. I held her. Tomorrow, the next day I start to hurt your chest muscles. All the chest muscles (if I have them pumped well) filled with characteristic aching and pulling pains. This is the first sign that conducted training I like to be able to load my pectoral muscles and, to some extent, to destroy the protein structure of muscle tissue. That’s right, to turn on the growth mechanism of muscles, these muscles first is a bit of a break. And now for the first day of the rest my chest starts to hurt. On the second day chest hurts even stronger – the process of healing of microfractures with increasing scars – additional muscle fibers (in an ideal world, often there is a thickening of existing fibers). Third day – chest already hurts much less, but with sufficient tension of the muscles the pain is still there. The process of muscle-building continues. On the 4th day the pain is much reduced. This means that the compensation period is over and my chest muscles were able to return to their original state. day 5 – no pain. This means that for 5-th and 4-th day my muscles have had time to increase in size relative to baseline (prior to training) status. Thus, for muscle recovery took nearly 4 days and almost 2 days we provided the muscle to overreduction.

Thus, we determined the time needed for muscle recovery and overreduction.

How to choose the optimal frequency of training we will discuss in the next article.

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