How to choose a trainer


In this article we will try to cover the most hot and popular question when buying a trainer: “How to choose a trainer, what would he right for me?”

To begin with I want to reiterate the fact that – BAD MACHINES don’T EXIST! There are only simulators are not good for us, we don’t like (due to our preferences and specific expectations from the training) and training equipment ineffective. Consider these points in more detail.

Immediately it should be noted that this article is not a direct guide to action. We do not claim to betaagonist our recommendations. Each case is individual and requires a special approach to the solution. I want to try to make any purchase simulator more meaningful, that would workout on it was wonderful, and helped to maintain a good physical shape for years to come!

– Figure out what trainers are not appropriate for us is very simple. Suffice it to soberly assess their physical abilities and remember, what diseases or contraindications. For example:

Introductory – Man, 55 years old, weight 130 kg, height 174 cm, overweight, bad knees, loves slow walking.

Goal to reduce weight, increase endurance, strengthen your leg muscles.

Often people older than 50 years is very conservative in the choice of sports equipment. And soon this man will come to the store for exercise bike. Citing the fact that the exercise bike for him is clear, and the benefits and so will be. We would suggest to first try the treadmill with a blade width of 45 cm or front-wheel ellipticheskii simulator. After all, if we love Hiking, then why give up comfort for us. It is important before you buy to test drive. We know the problems and you need to evaluate how comfortable it will be when training the knees. In the proposed embodiments, the width of the treadmill from 45 cm due to the fact that when we walk, we set feet slightly wider than even slow when running and in this case (when walking) the wider the fabric, the more comfortable it will be to walk. Ellipticheskii trainer would offer front-wheel drive is more correct path and closely spaced pedals will help to avoid unnecessary movements during the knees. Plus full control over the position of the body: the feet on the pedals, hands holding on to the moving handrail. To lose balance and fall off the Bicycle difficult, as opposed to say from the treadmill, where the loss of equilibrium we can “throw” with the walking belt (don’t forget to use the security key during exercise on a treadmill even when walking. ).

Summary: no matter which of the proposed sale of simulators to choose our subject, but he will CHOOSE, not only of the specific MODELS or TYPES of machines! With this approach, we’ll practice on the simulator, which we like. There will be a strong motivation to training, and positive thing will not keep you waiting!

– To understand what form of art We like or not is also very simple. We only need to TRY the simulator before you buy! It is important during the test to listen to your feelings and don’t be shy to try the trainers on the queue until such time as YOUR choice will become obvious to YOU. Don’t need to succumb to all sorts of “fashion trends” and listen to “savvy” friends. You don’t like treadmills? No matter why You got that impression! Try again. Different width and length of the walking belt, different dimensions of the track and the angle of inclination, try it! Over time, tastes change imperceptibly to ourselves and that was uncomfortable 10 years ago, it may now be convenient! The same applies to all other cardio equipment: Rowing machine – might be interesting, even if you have never engaged in rowing. One of the few simulators for home, which can load the back and press, not to mention the specific load on the hands and feet; Elliptical trainer – load almost all the body at once and there is no impact stress on joints and ligaments. Very interesting for its effectiveness and unusual sensations; the exercise Bike is one of the most compact exercise equipment for home. Bike with horizontal – a real boon for people with limited mobility or injured back. Conclusion: Drop the stereotypes and try everything!”.

– What is ineffective simulator? A question has multiple answers. The first – rather, this equipment is not suitable for you, fixable – replaceable simulator and deal effectively and with pleasure. Second, the technical limitations of the design of the simulator, but we must understand that for example on the mini-stepper or the bar, you can perform only a very limited amount of exercise. Life situations are different, and for full simulator at home simply can not find the place.

Here important Motivation is our desire to do. And believe me, it is better to do on the bar or the mini-stepper, than to want to engage in fitness.

Continuing the theme – on the market today there are folding models elepticheskih trainers and rowing machine folded generally the most compact. When folded, these simulators home will take less space than a chair, but a chair to help You improve Your physical fitness?

Summing up:

Get exercise! Be beautiful and healthy! Choose a trainer after a careful and thoughtful test drive!

Do not buy sports equipment without individual advice and test drive. Selection of the simulator – this is a very important process, and we should treat it with caution, depends on Your health and comfort while you train.

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