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Bcaa Nox Strong . combines in its formula, a group having a branched chain of amino acids. it involves laciny, the content of which in combination with available here valine and isoleucine has been increased four times. This ratio of active components greatly enhances anabolic processes and becomes an obstacle to the catabolism of muscle mass after considerable training loads.

Bcaa Strong Nox combined in one formula essential amino acids, a characteristic qualities which should be noted the high biological availability.

Their purpose is to stimulate the start of the process of protein synthesis, muscular tissue by enhancing global anabolic action in cells.

This is important for the normal build healthy and strong muscles and the entire musculature of the whole body.

The intensity of protein synthesis affects the growth rate and force characteristics of muscle mass,

contributes to its retention at the end of the training power loads.

Preparations on the basis of leucine is referred to the group of stimulators of protein synthesis,

based on specific properties of amino acids having a branched molecular chain.

Any exercises are intended to increase muscle mass, which stimulates more fully in catabolic state.

Taurine is the amino acid very useful in active sports. This sulfur-containing amino acid that is produced in our body by yourself in the conversion process substances such as cysteine. However, if you regularly visit the gym, you need to support your body additional application of taurine.

He improves metabolic and energetic processes, and normalizes the functions of cell membranes.

A sufficient amount of taurine in the body prevents the excretion of cardiac muscle potassium

thus this drug has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system.

In addition, taurine has a diuretic effect, which prevents the delay of excess fluid in the body, and, consequently, helps more effective the fight against obesity.

At rest there is a restoration of the muscles and, thanks to the recovery process, their growth and strengthening.

Leucine is the substance which, due to its unique structure, the most actively stimulates the formation of protein in the body and, accordingly, has a positive influence on muscle growth.

Contained in a carefully crafted formula Bcaa Nox Strong 4:1:1

the most potent of the known soluble branched chain amino acids especially actively influence the metabolism of muscle mass. Their action stimulates proper construction of protein synthesis directly into muscle tissues, relieve fatigue and are a necessary component in the normal secretory behavior involved in the anabolism of hormones.

Drug components contribute to muscle regeneration and act as stimulants for the growth of tissues, accelerate the recovery procedure. In the formula Bcaa Nox Strong 4:1:1 added arginine and taurine. The first contributes to the widening of the vascular channels, which significantly improves the possibility of the arrival rate to the cells of nutrients. Taurine works as an accelerator of the process of synthesis of hormones responsible for growth, while stimulating the acceleration of the recovery.

The combination of all the components of the drug is guaranteed to deliver the correct process of protein anabolism and recovery after workouts.

The product is designed to limit possible damage to the muscles,

associated with enhanced physical activity.

Apply diluted in an amount of 10 g in 300 ml of juice (with water) immediately before and immediately before training. Definitely should be before you start taking the drug to consult a doctor or trainer.

Packing – 1000 grams, 360 capsules.

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