Correct running. Start to run correctly

In order to begin to run, little one desires to make this dream a reality. Necessary belief in their own power, because in order to do this sport, you have a real persistence and compliance with certain basic requirements, with which, one can obtain the best effect from their training, but also to avoid injuries and ill health. So to manage weight through Jogging, much nicer than with diets. So what do you need for a proper run?

Correct running, where to start?

1. Consultation with the doctor. Before you start training, you must visit your doctor and get his advice might You have contraindications for this type of training.

2. Purchase comfortable shoes. You will need to buy good running shoes that are designed specifically for running. In comfortable shoes your Jogging does not have to be painful and tedious, and the most important thing is that You protect yourself from injuries of muscles and joints.

3. The route definition. We should define the route by which You will make your race. Most likely it will be the stadium or the Park, the safest place for training. If either near Your home was not, then pick up any other convenient route for You, after passing through his foot and making sure there are no obstacles for running.

4. Regular workouts. Determine for yourself how often you will engage in daily, every other day, or on certain days of the week.

How to start training?

Novice runners, experts recommend to run in the mornings from 10 to 20 minutes (not counting warm-UPS), your average pace, without overloading any degree. The more experienced can train 2-3 times a week, alternating running endurance with running at speed. Moreover, the duration of the running speed should not exceed 12 minutes, unlike running endurance, which can take several hours.

And a few tips on proper running. Before a run, you should be sure to warm up your muscles and prepare your body to workout. For this fit brisk walking or active warm-up, stretching from side to side. These simple exercises warm up the muscles and help avoid injury. Start running slowly at first, then gradually add speed. Do not make any unnecessary movements that will only take away your strength. The body should be inclined slightly forward, touching the ground with his feet, very soft and coming off as quickly as possible from her.

If you have a small baby, then you can start with Hiking in the fresh air. All you need is a transport for kid – suitable and convenient wheelchairs canes and wheelchairs much easier, the main thing that was convenient for you and your baby.

During exercise it is advisable to make breathing through the nose. If you suddenly feel that you can’t breathe, then you should go to the walk until you recover your breath. After Jogging definitely need to drink a glass of room temperature water so you will restore the water balance in the body.

Correct running – the best prevention against many diseases, to some extent, he is the perfect doctor. which is available to the vast majority.


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