Morning exercise. The time to act!

To Wake up and start the morning in a cheerful and not half-asleep, any charge is a mandatory part – a warm-up. It activates all the processes of life, the body adjusts to the working day. If charging for you – yet & fitness, followed by a short warm-up should be a major part aimed at stretching or strength exercises. The effect of sports (especially power) much more noticeable in the morning. And time charging

takes much less than going to any fitness club, even located in your yard. So, even if your morning is literally painted by the minute, there will certainly be time for charging:

You hear the alarm.

Feel awake. For this purpose, you can look through the window, gently stretch, and then sit down on the bed.

Warm-up – 2-3 minutes, which includes the following exercises (to perform better in this order):

Rotational movements of the head.

Rotational motion of the wrists clockwise and counterclockwise.

Rotational motion in the elbow joints.

Warm up the shoulder joints. Lifts hands to the sides up, “scissors” hands in front of chest, rotational motion.

Tilts the body forward and to the side. The rotation of the pelvis alternately in both directions.

Leg swings forward and backward and to the side. If your ligaments do not allow you can be limited to Mahi bent legs.

Flexion-extension in the knee joint.

Sitting with outstretched legs, the rotation in the ankle alternately in both directions.

Core exercises should last anywhere from 5 minutes, and here you can choose from 2 options.

Option 1. Stretching and gymnastics

Well suited for women. Aims to develop flexibility of the body.

Stand with your feet together or at a distance of 10-15 cm from each other. Perform bending forward, trying to touch hands to floor, ideally – breasted knee.

Sitting on the floor with straight legs, bend forward towards the feet. With the back should be as straight, chest to aim for the knees.

Lying on your back to touch the toes straight legs of the floor behind the head.

Gymnastic bridge. Morning is best done from the prone position, as the ligaments are not yet fully warmed up, and the balance after sleep can bring.

While standing, spread your legs very wide. Sit down on one leg, the second rectified. Rolling from foot to foot, trying to stay as low in the squat.

Lying on your stomach, bend knees, raise your upper torso and hold hands for the ankle. Parachutes for a few seconds.

Lying on your back, bend your knees. Without lifting the shoulder blades off the floor, touch the floor with knees on one side, then the other.

Option 2. Strength exercises

This complex is suitable for more or less prepared both women and men. If you do morning exercises – the only significant physical activity throughout the day, the exercises of this complex will help you to be in shape. So, who am with enough time and desire to engage more intensively, you can try to combine the exercises of this complex (immediately after workout) stretching exercises of option 1 (at the conclusion of the charge).

Squats. Involved front surface of the foot dynamically, and back – statically. Also in the works include the buttocks, calves, muscles, the extensors of the spine and many other muscles.

Pushups. Load the chest, triceps, partially deltoid muscle.

Vertical push-UPS. Stand on your hands against a wall, body lift straight up, and touch the foot of the wall to maintain balance. Bending your elbows, lower yourself until lightly touch his head to the floor, then explosive force to push himself up. This exercise successfully compensates for the lack of load on average beams deltas in normal push-UPS.

The pull-UPS. Ideal for developing pulling muscles of the upper body in men.

If morning exercise will become a habit, to spend money on cards fitness clubs no longer have. And the morning will become much more pleasant and kind!

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