Smoking and sports

The radical opinion

Do not smoke, if you exercise: indeed, aut Caesar, aut nihil! Common sense here is, ” Smoking “hits” and physical ability, and the immune system, slows down various processes, including reparative and require a sufficient amount of oxygen.

Opponents of the combination of Smoking and sport believe that intense physical activity in smokers contribute to the rapid wear of the body, and

loads of small — are meaningless. Find a middle ground, in their opinion, impossible — is too strong nicotine kick, and any loads are not constant security. In the opinion of such tobacco radicals need to either quit Smoking or continue to smoke and not to destroy the body sports overload. But they believe that after quitting a sport will help to recover.

What is veritas and where sanitas?

And the truth, and health — in the moderate middle. Yes, Smoking is significantly complicated by sporting life. Shortness of breath, fighting the desire to smoke, the blood vessels also called “play tricks”. And, of course, be best if Smoking and sports don’t fit together.

Smoking, for example, and run — it means to have a high risk of development of respiratory pathologies. Nicotine increases the tone of not only blood vessels, and smooth muscles that form the walls of the bronchi and the terminal bronchioles. Chronic spasm forms a first stagnant and then and fibrotic changes, disrupting the tone of the bronchial tree, leading to the formation of respiratory insufficiency of various degrees of manifestation. This condition brings along a whole cascade of problems in those organs and systems, the normal function of which is fundamental for the emergence of effects from exercise. Lack of oxygen means oxygen starvation of cells — all, including muscle cells.

Under normal conditions a small load of modern man this deficit is not felt so clearly, to pay attention to it, and its symptoms people easily. But the sport demands endurance. Complex physiology of muscular activity turns out to be violated just because a certain number of minutes ago the athlete smoked a cigarette, narrowed bronchi and blood vessels.

And we should not forget that only the muscles and respiratory system negative effect of Smoking is not restricted. Dizziness, flank pain, cramping calf muscles, lack of muscle mass growth: Smoking and sports does not work in one bundle.

Threw? Run!

And if you quit Smoking? Whether the effect is? Will. But when two conditions are met.

First — to give time for the body to recover and purify us of the consequences of Smoking. This is particularly relevant to the Council those who smoked and played sports.

No, except what is on TV. No need to link two events — the abandonment of Smoking and exercise. From four to fifteen days, you may need only light to be purified to the minimum acceptable level. Do not forget also that for non-athletes, physical activity, and even regular — also a kind of stress. So is it worth it to worsen, given that quitting cigarettes most is not too smooth.

And the second recommendation: the first time — it is also individually — do not chase records. Marathon in a month without cigarettes is impossible to run, lift weights — is also, however, like to build muscle. Not the first result, and recovery.

So, Smoking and sport allies. But refused from Smoking it is physical activity and exercise will help you recover faster and receive a powerful impetus to the improvement of bodily as well as spiritually!

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Smoking and sports
The radical opinion Do not smoke, if you exercise: indeed, aut Caesar, aut nihil! Common sense here is, " Smoking "hits" and physical ability, and the immune system, slows down…